Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is durable and flexible building material that can be used for a multitude of varying projects.  Used for both commercial and residential projects, ready mix concrete is an essential part of building projects.

  • Concrete Driveways: Concrete driveways are an essential part of creating “curb appeal” for homeowners worried about the exterior appearance of their home. Concrete can be manipulated into almost any shape, texture or color and is only limited by the human imagination. Life expectancy for concrete driveways can be upwards of 50 years. Concrete also is “green” friendly offering a high degree of solar reflectance, which minimizes the “Heat Island Effect”.
  • Concrete Parking Lots: When it comes to reliability and repair work, concrete is the right choice for parking lots. Concrete offers a very competitive initial cost and a superior life cycle cost over asphalt.

Reasons for choosing Concrete over asphalt:

  • Concrete, once in place, requires little repair work. Asphalt requires annual seal-coating, repairs to potholes, sinkholes, bumps, wrinkles and unsightly low spots caused by parked vehicles.
  • Concrete can handle much heavier loads because weight is distributed evenly.
  • Concrete’s reflective properties require less lighting during the night and absorb less heat during the day. Asphalt absorbs light and adds to global warming during the day. At night Asphalt requires much more lighting due to the lack of reflective properties.
  • Pervious (or porous) concrete has given concrete another advantage. Parking lots using pervious concrete can eliminate drainage ponds. Pervious concrete allows rainwater to absorb into the sub-grade. This helps cool the water to acceptable temperatures before entering storm water sewers. This also filters harmful toxins such as oil before they enter our ecosystem.

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